Los Angeles goes Star Wars this weekend!

The Los Angeles area goes all Star Wars this weekend with the US premiere of Star Wars: In Concert tonight in Anaheim (and also Friday night), and then prepares for the LA concert on October 7th and 8th. The LA Times busts some headline rhymes with Yoda with Coda, and compares Star Wars and classical music as eating broccoli… or eating broccoli with cheese on top. But one little nugget in there: Updated The Phantom Menace footage, with puppet Yoda replaced by all digital Yoda.

Then as reported earlier, Saturday is Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium and Geekdad reminds you to keep your lightsabers at home.

Looks like the City of Angels will be feeling the Force this weekend!

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  1. The CGI Yoda from Phantom Menace was the shot where Yoda says “Great fear I sense in you.” The lighting in the Jedi Council room also appeared to have been touched up and perhaps a little darker.

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