“Long Way Round” DVD finally comes to North America!

Great news!

Patty of the LJ community Ewan_Playground (and if you’re not already a member, why not???) received an email from LWR HQ saying the show would see a North American release before Christmas.

The US will get the seven episode version while Canada will get the extended ten episode one.

It’s not listed yet, but you can probably get the Canadian version at Amazon Canada or at Chapters/Indigo.

Hooray! Thanks Patty!

One Reply to ““Long Way Round” DVD finally comes to North America!”

  1. Do they just not like us here in the US? (Wait. Don’t answer that one.)

    We’re just as crazy for the show as are Canadians. Why can’t we get the 10-episode version here?

    Still. At least it’s finally coming out!

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