Lego’s ode to profit

Fortune article on Lego CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp mentions Star Wars:

When Lego decided in 1999 to launch a Star Wars series, recalls Jakobsen, “getting the license from Lucas was nothing compared to the internal struggle over having the word ‘war’ appear under the Lego brand.”

The rest of the article is actually rather depressing. I can’t say streamlining a business and making it more profitable are bad things, but Fortune makes it sound like any of the other company goals are irrelevant. (I guess that’s why I’m not the type of person who reads stuff like Fortune.)

Meanwhile, wants your vote on what the next Ultimate Collectors Set should be: R2-D2, FX-6, Vulture Droid Starfighter or an Electronic AT-AT walker? I don’t think the FX or the Vulture droid has much of a chance here…