J.J. Abrams: “Amazing, but true: the world awaits this film.”

jj-noteI’m not quite sure where this leaked originally (it’s not on any of the expected official accounts, though it’s certainly not giving away any spoilers or other sensitive information) but ScreenCrush has a note from J.J. Abrams to the cast and crew of Episode VII. (Apparently, from the copy of script supervisor Dawn Gilliam.) The translation:

Dearest Cast and Crew, What an honor it is to work beside all of you, on Star Wars Ep VII. I can’t thank you enough, for all work past and future. Let’s take good care of not just ourselves, but of each other. Amazing, but true: the world awaits this film. Let’s give ‘em something GREAT. xo JJ

2 Replies to “J.J. Abrams: “Amazing, but true: the world awaits this film.””

    1. I doubt it. It doesn’t reveal anything and it only makes them look good. Maybe too good – if they released it ‘officially’ they could get accused of too much back-patting.

      Basically I would be anything but shocked if this wasn’t deliberate, ‘leak’ or not. Particularly with the script supervisor’s name being so obvious.

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