It came from Japan: NJO book covers

IMAGE: Japan’s Force Heretic I: Remnant gets into the meat of the Japanese books covers with the New Jedi Order. These covers have developed quite a following among EU fans for their depiction of the large cast, many of whom have (or had) few reference images before this. (Above: Force Heretic I: Remnant.)

Hopefully there’s a part III, but you can see the Dark Nest covers here for now.

2 Replies to “It came from Japan: NJO book covers”

  1. Honestly. I don’t think there is one US/UK cover that I liked better than the Japanese ones. I think they’re so much more dramatic.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the collage style. Yes, Drew Struzan is awesome and traditional and his covers for Bantam are among the best stuff we’ve had here (even if the characters are off) but this digital kick they’ve been on since the NJO… Meh. The LOTF covers are at least figures, but there’s still something very sparse and digital about them. The Coruscant Nights stuff is nice, but I’d like to see something different in the next round.

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