Is the fan force stronger?

Over at Livejournal, the hotbed of fandom-as-I-know-it (Sorry, TFN) writer Keith R.A. DeCandido posted an interesting entry about the difference between fan fiction and tie-in (licensed) fiction, aka profic. Much of the fanfic community weighs in in the comments, and the result is a rarity – a “reasonable, civil discussion about the merits and/or lack thereof of fanfic,” to quote Kelly. And defensive fanfic fans, please note that “superior” is in quotes before knee-jerking.

Yearning for more? The folks over at Making Light had a truly epic discussion of fanfic (874 comments?!?) in the wake of last year’s Lori Jareo brouhaha.

2 Replies to “Is the fan force stronger?”

  1. Quite impressive… I followed that thread up into the two-hundreds, but I still haven’t got around to reading the rest. It’s like Mt. Everest!

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