Insider #96: Insight for the casual fan

So I picked up the new Insider today, and was going to write a short recap of the contents, but thankfully already excerpted the most interesting part – an interview with Rick McCallum where he talks about the live-action TV show. There’s also a nice (lengthy!) article on the 501st.

Sadly, not much else new – an interview with a couple of the Imperial actors and a look at Death Star pretty much rounds it out, as well as a bunch of stuff any remotely well-read or web-saavy fan already knows. In other words, pretty much par for the course.

There is a teaser for the next issue, which will be Luke and Leia-centric, featuring interviews with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

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  1. Well if you want new stuff, you can always check out our Insider Online Supplements for the magazine on where it’s all new content written by Pablo, Pete and myself.

    In fact, we’ll be doing Part II of The Star Wars Effect: Schlock Wars

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