Indiana Jones and the Cameo of Weirdness

Sighted: A possible spoiler cameo appearance in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Seen on movieweb, which has a guy at CinemaBlend scared, and the peeps at Moviehole thinking it’s a slow week in Hollywood. Is this rumor Close to home? Could it be that Indy Encounters this? Does the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull have absolutely nothing to do with the Soviets or the Third Reich? Would Spielberg and Lucas be so unkind?

And in other news, talks up the upcoming “Indiana Jones Heritage” trading card set, coming from Topps in early 2008 – going for a Retro feel to the cards highlighting the first three films, with autographs.

And the tour of Volume 2 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones continues with an in-depth look at Disc 2: Demons of Deception. Indy, as a courier and spy, witnesses the ongoing horror and futility of war in the Battle of Verdun, and then on leave tangles with Mata Hari in Paris. Documentary topics include the Battle of Verdun, Marshal P