Indiana Jones and some random merchandise of doom? reports that the Topps Indiana Jones Heritage trading card set will come with Artist Sketch cards. Read more about it here. Or go here to see a list of the artists. And there’s also Vintage Sticker Magnets. The cards are supposed to be coming out at the tail end of February – probably this week!

Meanwhile, who’s the most adorable adventurer with a whip and fedora? I think the Mighty Muggs version of Indiana Jones might be the winner here – check out that Mola Ram with flaming heart accessory! and you thought the Star Wars Mighty Muggs were cute.

And speaking of Mola Ram, here’s what he will look like in the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones video game.

But if a cool statue of Indiana Jones in that classic scene from the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark is more to your taste, you can get one of those too.