In the news: Phantom Menace 3D is news to Ewan

GQ breaks the news. It sure seems like Ewan McGregor will be everywhere this year, but apparently the guy’s been so busy that it seems the first he’s heard of The Phantom Menace 3D is from the folks at the magazine. “They’re actually going to rerelease it into the cinema?” he asked GQ. “Well, that’s interesting.” Yeah, can’t say we’d be wildly enthusiastic to find out that our (hypothetical) rat-tail would be in three dimensions either. In other straight-from-1999 news, the Pepsi tie-ins are back.

Hobson profiled. Chicago businesswoman and Good Morning America contributor Mellody Hobson, perhaps best known to us as George Lucas’ girlfriend, is the subject of a brief profile in Forbes. She and Lucas will be featured on the January 15th episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Gaming. The Old Republic might be coming to Mac. Nice try, folks.

Lucasfilm. George Lucas has big plans for a new digital technology facility at Grady Ranch, but some folks in Marin County aren’t exactly welcoming it with open arms.

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  1. The Marin residents protesting the site do have a bit of a point…and their dispute could get messy because I don’t know that anyone has ever really legally the film industry as “proper” industry or not, but all the same: I’d really like to see George get his new facility made. With the resources at his disposal, and the way that he goes on about fostering imagination and story-telling, I’ve always thought that he could transition nicely into a studio mogul.

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