In the bookstores

She’s back from vacation and hitting the bookstores, again. Be afraid!

Next week, we get a new Star Wars book. If they keep up the quality of the recent releases, we should be in for a fun read. This is yet another lead-in to Episode III. So keep an eye out for Labyrinth of Evil on the 25th.

Then we have the magazines:
Dreamwatch – February 2005, US Issue #4 – Features a Sneak Preview of 2005. Episode III is the first movie mentioned with some positive buzz. Nothing to spoil, unless you haven’t seen the trailer.

Entertainment Weekly – January 28, 2005 – No big surprise, but Natalie Portman was taunted for both her speech and outfit at the Golden Globes. Ah…the perils of stardom!

Starburst – No. 319 – As always, the US is a month behind on the really cool UK film mags. Our current issue boasts a very pretty cover touting Star Wars Episode III. But there’s really nothing in there that goes beyond mentioning Episode III. Quite disappointing, but safe for the spoiler-phobes. There is an interview with Anthony Daniels about his upcoming radio series Space: 1889; based on the miniatures game that’s apparently a cross between Vernes and Wells. And there’s the first in a series about the history of Star Wars, covering ANH. Nothing new for the Star Wars nut. (Cool interviews with BSG and Serenity casts, though!)

Until next week. This is Paula. And I’m a bookstore-aholic…