Hurricane Katrina

On eBay, a fan is auctioning off a crocheted R2-D2 hat for charity. All money from the auction will go the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The high bid is currently $305.

As for CJrs caught in Katrina… We’ve heard from both James and Bobbi, and they and their families are all right. We’re still waiting to hear from Dave R., but we’re hoping and praying he’s safe.

I urge you to donate to to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Humane Society, Noah’s Wish or any other disaster charity you trust, if you haven’t already. On Livejournal, Oulangi has been posting links and advice for the fandom community, and Limyaael has a list of writers and artists doing things for charity. There’s also a community devoted to such efforts – Fandom Charity.

ETA: We’ve heard from Dave and family, and they’re safe.