The original trilogy is coming back to theaters (some theaters) in August


The original trilogy will be back on the big screen in a limited number of locations this August. The Alamo Drafthouse chain is sponsoring back-to-back showings of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi throughout the U.S. (And before you can ask: They will be the Special Editions.) The initial list of dates includes 16 venues, but it’s suppose to come to “more than 20 cities.”

Tickets will go on sale at on May 4.

First excerpt from Aftermath: Life Debt

han-solo-rotjEntertainment Weekly has our first look at an excerpt from Chuck Wendig’s upcoming Aftermath: Life Debt. The book, first of two sequels to last year’s Aftermath, adds Han Solo, Chewbacca and Kashyyyk to the mix.

Aftermath introduced a number of brand-new characters, including Temmin Wexley, who as an adult appears in The Force Awakens played by Greg Grunberg.

Aftermath: Life Debt will be out in hardcover and eBook on July 19. The third book in the trilogy, Empire’s End, is due in January 2017.

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 14

The first week of April puts #WearStarWarsEveryDay all the way up to Day 99! We had three one-time donations this week (Rachel, Joel, and Anonymous), putting the GoFundMe up over $1,050! Plus, this week most of the clothes I wore were lent or donated by three people: Patty, Kristen, and MediocreJedi. Thank you so much for this boost to kick off April! This update for Week 14 covers April 1 to April 7 of my wearathon, and an update on fundraising for Collateral Repair Project, a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance, education, and community support to urban refugees.

SWI_164_SUBSCOVERThe prize drawing for the Poe Dameron Star Wars Insider is still open! Donate and you could win a copy of the subscriber-exclusive version of Star Wars Insider #164, with Poe Dameron on the cover. An anonymous friend has offered this magazine to one lucky random person who donates to the GoFundMe from April 1 to April 15. So make a donation today!

I’m also still looking to increase the per-day total pledge. With your help, it has risen to $4.15/day but I’d still like to get it up to $5. So help me out, and make a per-day pledge! If you sign up for a pledge before April 15, I will let you start your donation at April 1, instead of going all the way back to January 1, when I started this effort. So please, please, please, help Collateral Repair Project out!

Get more info on what Wear Star Wars Every Day is all about, or make a donation or a per-day pledge!

Star Wars out this week: The long lost tale of C-3PO’s red arm

You’ll never believe what’s on the comic shipping list for Wednesday… It’s the much-delayed C-3PO special, which tells the story behind his red arm in The Force Awakens. Less surprisingly, Darth Vader #19.

Also now available is the free eBook sampler from Del Rey, which contains an excerpt of Claudia Gray’s May 3 novel Bloodline and several short stories.

Daisy Ridley on Rogue One, Rey’s parentage, and Episode VIII


Talking to MTV Saturday, Daisy Ridley addressed those ‘Jyn is Rey’s mom’ theories and confirms she does know Rey’s real parentage – but says that she really doesn’t think it’s that big a deal. She also plays coy on if Rey is (becoming?) a Jedi, though, so… Business as usual.

P.S. Pablo has also flat-out denied the Rey = Jyn thing.

Episode VIII shenanigans: Mark and Daisy do the Yoda thing

Ostensibly to celebrate Daisy Ridley’s birthday (she’s 24 today) Mark Hamill shared the picture below, bringing a thousand tongue-in-cheek fan arts to life. Oh, Mark.


In other Daisy news, she won Breakthrough Performance at the MTV Movie Awards last night. The movie also took Best Villain for Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Movie of the Year. The awards air tonight on MTV.

Catching up with Rogue One: Post-trailer madness

Rogue One (Phil Noto)As is quickly becoming tradition, Phil Noto (on his own) did a post-trailer poster. (Also on his Tumblr.) Revelist has collected some of the first wave fan art. (You can also keep an eye on the Rogue One tag on our Tumblr.)

→ Here’s one for any of your less-than-obsessive friends who might be confused about where Rogue One fits in, from our pal Bryan Young. (On that note, as I was writing that last sentence, my mom texted me asking about “the Jedi in the white cape.” That said, I have no doubt that Lucasfilm is already well aware of the issue and has planned marketing accordingly. We’re still most of a year away from the movie, remember?)

→ A look at the new (and old) stormtroopers we see the trailer, from a 501ster.

→ Naturally, our first official announcement post-trailer was the toy packaging.

→ Second official announcement: Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, co-producer John Swartz, and executive producer John Knoll will pick the Filmmaker Select award for the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. (Seems like this replaces the ‘George Lucas Selects’ category of previous years.) Submissions are open through April 24.

→ Of course, you can’t have a new Star Wars movie trailer without folks jumping to conclusions about certain characters, and ‘Jyn Erso is Rey’s mom!’ has been popular enough to warrant pieces arguing against it from Birth Movie Death’s Devin Faraci and IGN’s Terri Schwartz, both of which I very much agree with. (I also find the oh-so-related ‘Jyn is the new Mara Jade!’ speculation deeply distasteful, which I may go into further detail on soon. As for the Jan Ors comparisons, Pablo has it covered.)