The Force Awakens: More accents, translations, action figure talk and more

Rey and FinnWe already know what accent John Boyega is using for Finn in The Force Awakens thanks to the toys, but the website of the film’s dialect coach has the answer for Daisy Ridley’s.

→ The German translation of one of Kylo Ren’s recently revealed lines is very interesting.

→ Domhnall Gleeson talks about the General Hux action figure and the First Order with MTV. (A Black Series Hux figure has been spotted on some online retailers.)

→ Episode VIII: Is Benicio del Toro a villain or not? He’s still not sure, I guess. (I have a theory, if you want to ask in the comments.)

Today in rumors: Star Wars saga coming to AMC Theaters? And Netflix?

A Fan's Hope, Naam's Huttese Theater, Tatooine by Jeff Carlisle

We first heard back in April that a Star Wars saga marathon in theaters was in the works ahead of The Force Awakens. Today, AMC Theaters tweeted – and quickly deleted – a tease to something that looks very much like that. Man, what is it with these theater chains and social media? Why are they always jumping the gun? Like the previous instances, I doubt AMC will be the only chain to carry marathons.

For those who prefer to watch Star Wars in a more leisurely manner, there was also a rumor originating on Exstreamist that the movies will be coming to Netflix soon, due to some suspicious placeholder pages. ScreenCrush contacted Netflix, who told them that the pages have to do with DVD copies of the film. (Of course.)

Regardless of the evidence – or lack thereof – I have little doubt that both these things will be happening. They’re both publicity gold leading into The Force Awakens, to get Star Wars into the mainstream eye – any way the public wants it.

Mark Hamill denies report that he nearly died on Skellig Michael

tfa-hamillMark Hamill tweeted today that “didn’t so much as stub a toe” on the island, directly contradicting the report that he slipped there during filming for The Force Awakens last year.

Cast and crew for Episode VIII are in the area now – including, presumably, Hamill. His son Nathan has been posting photos from Ireland.

Report: Tickets for The Force Awakens to go on sale October 19th?


Bobby Roberts of Full of Sith has heard that October 19th is the likely day for The Force Awakens tickets to go on sale. He’s heard specifically about Century and Cinemark, but it’s likely the other major (and local) chains will have a similar on-sale date.

He also theorizes that this could be right around the time we get a full trailer…

Rumor: Star Wars Weekends to be retired?

star wars weekends

WDW News Today reports that Disney World’s Hollywood Studios may be retiring the popular Star Wars Weekends in 2016. The report does seem a tad premature, the additional permanent stuff (aka Star Wars Land) being several years off. And the Seasons of the Force event (which is also happening, in slightly different form, at Disneyland, is expected in “early 2016,” which doesn’t exactly scream Weekends rebranding.

Star Wars Weekends are currently on the schedule for summer 2016. However, we also expect construction to begin next year on the Star Wars expansion, and that I can certainly see throwing a wrench into the tradition.

However, another thing to consider – the sheer popularity of Star Wars right now. We’ve already seen record numbers for Celebration – is Hollywood Studios seeing higher numbers as well? Do they expect not to need Weekends to draw extra attendance after The Force Awakens?

No Episode VIII filming on Skelllig Michael today

skellFilming for Episode VIII that was scheduled to begin on the Irish island of Skelllig Michael has been canceled for the day, the Irish Times reports. High winds and bad weather are making the seas too rough to ferry crew out to the island.

Some crew – including director Rian Johnson – and equipment has already been sighted in the area this weekend.

Report: Mark Hamill narrowly avoided a dangerous fall on Skellig Michael last year

hamill-beard-gotgMark Hamill narrowly avoided a dangerous fall during The Force Awakens filming on Skellig Michael last year, the Times (via the Daily Mail) reports. He was caught by a guide from from the Irish Office of Public Works.

Star Wars crew are returning to the island to film scenes for Episode VIII within the month. (Or even sooner!)

Rumor: The Force Awakens to tease Rogue One… In the end credits?

rogue-one-detail1I’ve resisted writing about this ‘rumor’ because it’s from a source I don’t trust much (at all,) but what the hell, it’s Saturday.

Schmoes Know claim that The Force Awakens end credits will contain “a small clip and teaser” for Rogue One. And to their credit, even they seem a bit doubtful.

Now, obviously, it’s not out of the question that The Force Awakens will carry a Rogue One teaser at all – hell, it’d be foolish if it didn’t. But in the end credits? That seems like a bad idea to me, period. You don’t want to distract the audience fresh off the first real Star Wars film in a decade – all those potential buyers of books and soundtracks and action figures – with a sideline movie that’s set on the other end of the timeline.

Do you give us a Rogue One teaser? Yes, of course. But you do it before the film, as is traditional.

The bantha in the room here is Marvel, who’ve undoubtedly made the credit scenes an expected thing. And I’m not against an end- or mid- credit scene for Star Wars at all – just that it needs to be relevant to both films in question. (Something regarding Episode VIII? Sure.) I find it probable that they may break tradition somehow, but a TFA/RO matchup simply doesn’t pass the smell test.