The catchup: Rogue One bits, bobs and analysis


There have been a number of minor reveals in the wake of last week’s Rogue One trailer, mostly via (of course) Entertainment Weekly. We learned that Alistair Petrie’s Rebel officer is General Draven. (And that there apparently was a fan theory that he was Rebels’ Agent Kallus turned turncoat, which is news to me.) We also got a bunch of minor characters via Topps cards, including a blonde X-wing pilot that folks think might be Evaan Verlaine from the comics.


→ If you’re still poring over the trailer, here are breakdowns from EW, io9, and /Film. Plus the latest Full of Sith, which features EW’s Anthony Breznican


→ Also out in recent days is a Hollywood Reporter profile of Felicity Jones, which is pretty informative if you know enough to roll your eyes at the line about anyone expecting Rogue One to match The Force Awakens box office. Meanwhile, Mads Mikkelsen talks to GQ.

→ And finally, here’s a new Rogue One-inspired Duracell commercial that’s getting some attention today:

Marvel’s Doctor Aphra gets her own ongoing series

As announced Wednesday, Kieron Gillen’s successor series to Darth Vader will be Doctor Aphra. Aphra, introduced in Darth Vader #3, was Marvel’s first original canon character and has developed something of a following throughout the series. (And yes, “she’d be cast as an Asian actress,” Gillen says.) There’s a great deal of storytelling freedom to be had with an original character in the original trilogy era, and plenty to do with the concept of archaeology in a setting like the GFFA. (For instance… Jedha?) has an interview with Gillen, while Marvel introduces series artist Kev Walker. Doctor Aphra #1 is expected to land on December 7.

Star Wars Story Talk: Rogue One – Trailer #2 reaction video


Time for another special episode of Star Wars Story Talk! This time, it’s a reaction video – showing me emote and express while watching the second trailer for Rogue One, that came out yesterday. Because I’m all about exuberance! Ok, maybe not, but at least Baby Jawa was in her reaction video to the first trailer.

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 40

Wear Star Wars Every Day - Week 40 - title card

Wear Star Wars Every Day kicked off its final quarter of 2016 (Can you believe that I’ve kept this project going for nine months now?) with the #ForceFriday podcast listener challenge and kept on going into October. In Week 40 of #WearStarWarsEveryDay, we raised $590 for Collateral Repair Project just on the GoFundMe. A huge round of gratitude for all our donors in this time period: Anonymous, Amanda, Amanda, Ari, Brian, Bruce, Cheston, Danielle, Jason, Joseph, Juan, Mediocre Jedi, Mike, Nick, Patty, and Swara! Also thanks to everyone who lent me some Star Wars apparel for this week: James, Donna, Mark, Nick, Bryan, Kai, and Paul! I’ve now worn 25 Star Wars garments borrowed from Paul, which means just me wearing his threads has raised more than $115 from our pledge makers.

Every day I wear a new and different Star Wars apparel item, my daily pledge makers will chip in $4.65 to Collateral Repair Project! This week, we’ve got that sweet game-worn R2-D2 baseball jersey as well as a variety of shirts, including a Jawa coffee brand and the crazy Zuvio milk carton tee from Star Wars Celebration Europe! I guess that makes two shirts from the UK this week. This review for Week 40 covers September 30 to October 6 of my wearathon, and an update on fundraising for Collateral Repair Project, a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance, education, and community support to urban refugees.

Get more info on what Wear Star Wars Every Day is all about, or make a donation via GoFundMe or a per-day pledge.

Rogue One one-sheet is here, new trailer on GMA Thursday


Announced this afternoon on The Star Wars Show: The Rogue One one-sheet and the news that the new trailer will debut Thursday morning on Good Morning America.

We also learn what Marvel’s next ongoing comic is although be warned, there are spoilers for Darth Vader #25. (And next time we mention it we’ll be much less coy.) But for now, check out that poster.

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