Your Star Wars highlights of the year and decade

There's nothing quite  like half a theater breaking out into 'the hills are alive.'

With this being a slow week and me being both behind and exhausted, I thought this might be a good time to pose a question of our readers: With both coming to an end, what was your Star Wars highlight of the decade and the year 2009?

For me, the first may be seeing Attack of the Clones in Vegas with a large chunk of Club Jade. Sure, it might not be the best of the prequels, but damn did we have fun… The second? Well…

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  1. Best thing of the decade? The promise of a live-action series. Worst thing? So far nothing has come of it. ;-)
    Best thing of the year? Karen Traviss vows to leave Star Wars alone from now. Wohoo! ;-) Worst thing of the year? The whole zombie wave. I don’t like zombies, never have. I’d take a horde of ewoks over them any day (they are tastier, too :-D).

  2. My Star Wars highlight of the decade was getting involved in an awesome community of fans through the ForceCast.

    The lowest point? Probably the period of time between May 2005 and November 2006 — I was completely disconnected from Star Wars. :(

  3. Best moment: in 2005, my now ex boyfriend took me to see Revenge of the Sith as a date, thus beginning my Star Wars obsession.

    In close second place was being surprised the following Christmas with all six movies on dvd, along with three Star Wars novels.

    Best moment of 2009: Reading Fate of the Jedi: Omen and finding out that two particular characters were finally engaged….

    and lowest moment goes to… realizing that no matter how much I saved and saved, that going to Celebration V was going to be out of my price range. Particularly because there would be no way I could go without a custom Jedi costume.

    Also a low moment: being embarrassed as I sat, 20 years old, in a theater full of little elementary school boys and their parents to watch The Clone Wars movie. Not because I didn’t want to see the movie…. but because I did.

  4. All the Celebrations. SO much fun. (Team Cake! Never again!) The USC Trojan Marching Band walking into the LA Convention Center.

    Bawling like a baby in my first viewing of Episode III. Laughing at all the die-hard fans screaming out in joy when the movie finally started.

    Star Wars in Concert. Spine-tingling.

    Really, Star Wars is so much a part of my life, pretty much every good thing is associated with it.

  5. Decade: Highpoint is probably twofold — seeing ROTS opening night at the best theater in NYC and starting and finishing all of the EU books I missed over the past 15+ years. Lowpoint is probably the disappointment from AOTC once the hype wore off — just not a great movie.

    2009: two highpoints are The Clone Wars series, which keeps getting better and great seats for Star Wars In Concert which was a lot of fun. Lowpoint is saving the worst EU books to finish off in 2009 — Bounty Hunter Wars, Callista trilogy, Black Fleet Crisis and Dark Nest. Ech — what a bunch of stinkers!

  6. The best of the year? Meeting a bunch of cool folk at WonderCon (and seeing Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher on my birthday this past convention).

    Overall? Hmm either the same thing or seeing ROTS with a group of 20 at my local theater. It was a lot of fun. :)

  7. Best of the decade: Becoming obsessed with star wars :)
    Worst: Not being able to go to any of the prequels or the clone wars in theater

    Best of 2009: Clone wars season 2 and really getting the ball rolling on reading all the EU books.

  8. There are so many to things to choose from, but my highlight of the decade is coming back to the SW fandom with the premiere of TCW. It’s been such a welcome return, and the friends I’ve made, I treasure dearly!

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