Harrison Ford returning to SDCC… For Ender’s Game

Ender's Game

Harrison Ford infamously made his San Diego Comic Con debut for Cowboys and Aliens back in 2010… And he’ll be returning this year to promote Ender’s Game.

I wouldn’t necessarily count on any Episode VII announcements regarding Ford and the other all-but-confirmed returning actors, as they may still be negotiating and we’ve heard nothing about any Star Wars panels yet… Plus Celebration Europe is the very next week, so Lucasfilm may chose to take advantage of the post-SDCC lull and reveal any big news in Germany instead.

Lucasfilm doesn’t show up in the SDCC exhibitor list, but the so-called Del Rey/Lucasbooks booth (#2913) looks a little too big to be just a single licensee on the map… Where it shows a giant Lucasfilm logo. Data entry mixup? In any case, hopefully they leave the snakes at home this year.

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  1. Her Universe, becker & mayer! and a few other LFL licensees have the same booth number. IIRC they were all listed under one booth number previously.

  2. I think with Celebration the following weekend, it is highly likely that no Episode VII news be coming out of Comic Con.

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