Hang out with The Clone Wars cast and crew on Google+ after ‘The Lawless’ today

TCW Google hangout

Don’t forget that Dave Filoni and three cast members of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be taking questions in a Google+ hangout today – at 10:30 am Pacific / 1:30 pm Eastern, after today’s airing of ‘The Lawless’. Sam Witwer (“Darth Maul”), Matt Lanter (“Anakin Skywalker”), and Ashley Eckstein (“Ahsoka Tano”) will be chatting alongside supervising director Filoni and the event will be hosted by Pablo Hidalgo and Hollywood.com’s Christian Blauvelt. Join the event on Google+, or watch the livestream on youtube.

To get you ready for the hangout, Christian Blauvelt has a great spoiler-free interview with Sam Witwer that examines Maul’s journey on the show and ties together Maul, Sidious and Anakin Skywalker.

2 Replies to “Hang out with The Clone Wars cast and crew on Google+ after ‘The Lawless’ today”

  1. Well, that was really cool and really nice. And I’m saying that as somebody who has tried hard to love The Clone Wars and has, in recent years, only caught every second or third episode.
    In a way it’s just so unfortunate that these guys are so nice and the show is so…. Blah. And by that I don’t mean that it’s bad. It’s got a lot of cool stuff, but emotionally I’m still not really invested. I like Ahsoka, though. She’s the Kim Possible of Star Wars, and I love Kim Possible. ;-) Plus: Having Ahmed Best back as Jar Jar was great (I kid you not ;-)).
    Anyway: I’m kind of exited about the upcoming episodes. And I’m looking forward to meeting Dave an CE2. :-)

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