Give Clone Wars another shot. It’s good!

So I was in the audience at Dragon*Con when they showed the first episode of the upcoming Clone Wars cartoon. Do yourself a favor: give it another shot.

I was in the same group as others who found the movie to be, um…tedious. I wasn’t terribly impressed. But the first episode I saw was great! A nice balance of character, story and battle. And I think Yoda has more lines in this first episode than in all the movies combined. It descends into a couple of spots of “only funny to kids” humor, but only for a few seconds here and there. And I suspect that will fade as the series finds its legs.

So don’t give up on it just yet. Stick with it for a few episodes and see if it doesn’t win you back. You might just be surprised!

3 Replies to “Give Clone Wars another shot. It’s good!”

  1. Good to hear! I think they also showed the first ep during TCA, and it got rave reviews from the TV critics. (Aaron Barnhart, of the KC Star, called it the first must-see show of the new season.)

  2. how do you think it will hold up for those of us who happen to like extraordinarily stupid television?

    I’m talking “enjoyed the clone wars movie and didn’t walk out of Indy IV” here. “Watches reruns of The Pretender and Kindred: The Embraced on purpose” types. Will we be disappointed?

  3. Oh, I think there’s enough cheese to satisfy. Any scene in which those battle droids appear should fulfill your needs.

    And I loved Indy IV.

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