Get your input to Reed with refreshed CVI site

Reed has given the Celebration VI website a fresh look, including a few features that give fans input into the con. Be sure to do the programming survey – although I find it’s lack of book/comic content disturbing. (Seriously, can we get a formal track already?)

For fans willing to put a bit more in, there are applications for fan panels (that means you, EU fans,) fan tables, and the art show.

9 Replies to “Get your input to Reed with refreshed CVI site”

  1. did you notice what the first activity to rate was? puzzle adventure/scavenger hunt ;)

    i think that the best way to have a full EU track would be if it were fan-run. perhaps if some of the top EU sites worked together to pitch a EU programming track, it would happen. otherwise, we’ll just get a few panels focusing on the current offerings from Del Rey and Dark Horse. but wouldn’t it be cool to also have a session on the other publishers’ wares: DK, Chronicle/Epic Ink, Scholastic, etc.

  2. Collecting is the ONLY thing that ever has a formal track… Gus Lopez and co. run it, I think?

    I don’t think we need panels for the publishers outside of Del Rey and Dark Horse. Maybe a single ‘for kids’ one… And there’s usually a nonfic/art book one already.

    But generally I’d prefer less ‘hock the wares’ and more fan-inspired type of panels.

  3. The panel that surprised me last Celebration was me and Dave Filoni just talking about continuity. We warned people ahead of time — this isn’t a Clone Wars preview panel. There’s no footage. No previews. Yet it was a packed house, and we filled the space and the time. Crazy!

  4. Pablo: Remember the continuity panel at… C3? C4? With Leland and the Holocron? Maybe a couple dozen in the audience? How far we’ve come…

  5. There’s deffo more scope for panels where people get to discuss items rather than, as you say, just hyping products to sell. The Pabs/Filoni panel (for example) would be right up my street, as I, and many others, have strong feelings on the whole continuity issue.
    Hoping to be part of one of the panels at C6, not sure which one as yet but keen to be up there and discussing many and any facets of the GFFA (from my UK perspective, which currently doesn’t include TCW being shown on any channels yet – unbelievable)

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