George’s idea of retirement: Make more movies?

“I hate to say it, but basically I’m retiring,” George Lucas said Monday during a dinner with higher-ups at Ebony, according to a New York Daily News blog post. But he goes on to say he wants to focus on making more movies – without having “to worry about entertaining people.” Which is pretty much what he’s been saying for years! Oh, George.

3 Replies to “George’s idea of retirement: Make more movies?”

  1. Decades, actually. The earliest statement about his “personal movies” that I have found so far dates back to winter 1977. ;-)

  2. If he makes just one more film like American Graffiti, I will be content. That movie is incredible, and he’s never made a better one since.

  3. “…experimental films and that sort of thing, maybe documentaries and that sort of thing.”
    George Lucas, 1968 – via : Academy of Achievement

    “…retire from professional filmmaking and go into making my own kind of movies, my own sort of abstract, weird, experimental stuff.”
    George Lucas, 1977.05.25 – via : Rolling Stone

    “…go off and direct my own little experimental films”
    George Lucas, 2005.06.28 – via : Wired

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