Interview: George Lucas speaks to Coming Soon

Coming Soon gets to talk to George Lucas. He talks about The Clone Wars and the live action series, which we won’t be seeing until 2010, now. He even talks about the EU, sort of:

But there’s no story past “Episode VI”, there’s just no story. It’s a certain story about Anakin Skywalker and once Anakin Skywalker dies, that’s kind of the end of the story. There is no story about Luke Skywalker, I mean apart from the books. But there’s three worlds: There’s my world that I made up, there’s the licensing world that’s the books, the comics, all that kind of stuff, the games, which is their world, and then there’s the fans’ world, which is also very rich in imagination, but they don’t always mesh. All I’m in charge of is my world. I can’t be in charge of those other people’s world, because I can’t keep up with it.

“They don’t always mesh.” Understatement of year! But hey, we knew what we were getting into, right?


4 Replies to “Interview: George Lucas speaks to Coming Soon”

  1. That’s actually pretty cool of him — it almost sounds like he’s giving a covert thumbs-up to fanfic. But nobody tell him about “Mara’s Two Lovers.” Or the Han/Luke slash. Or the Luke/Leia pr0n that has to be out there. Bleah!

  2. Christie: We don’t know many specifics, just that it’s set between the two trilogies and there will be no Skywalkers. The latest rumor is that it may be about the underworld, but there’s not really much else to go on.

    Oh, and I almost forgot… Boba Fett has been confirmed to be a part of it.

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