Genre TV – Where things stand

It’s a cut-throat world out there in TV, these days.  So even though we’re only in the first few episodes for most of scripted TV’s fall season, we already need to be watching the numbers.

So how is genre TV faring this year?  I crawled through TVbytheNumbers to see what I could piece together.

  • Eastwick – Not lookin’ too healthy right now,  but still holding on.
  • FlashForward – A fairly solid hit, as long as they keep everyone interested in the story.  (Although, can this show go beyond one season without getting annoying?)
  • Ghost Whisperer – Still doesn’t pull in big numbers, but they’re loyal numbers.  So if they want to keep going, it’s looking good they will.
  • Big Bang Theory – The network’s ratings winner amongst scripted shows.  They will be hanging around in all their geeky glory.
  • Vampire Diaries – Proof that the vampire phenomenon still reigns supreme, even if they don’t sparkle.  This is the highest rated scripted show for the CW.
  • Supernatural – Still huge.  Not going anywhere.
  • Smallville – Wow.  Still going strong.  (How far are they going to take this show, anyway?)  It’s the most-DVR’d show, as well, so folks are still interested, if not primarily loyal.
  • Heroes – Still way down from their series high.  But this website still thinks they’re strong enough for a renewal.  (Of course, it’s not as if NBC has much to offer, anyway, right now.)
  • Sanctuary and Stargate Universe have made SyFy the #3 cable network.  I suspect that means they’ll be hanging around.
  • Dollhouse – Much beloved by those by DVRs.  Per this website, it’s looking like Fox will cling to those happy numbers and keep the show.  But they’ll have to continue getting some live eyes to really solidify this.
  • Fringe – It’s hanging on the edge.  If it can start to inch back up, it could have a chance.

Hopefully the networks will continue to think that genre TV is worth pursuing.  It could be a very different landscape come next fall.


4 Replies to “Genre TV – Where things stand”

  1. If you started watching it right now, I doubt the lapse in episodes would really matter. There aren’t any blanks so phenomenally large you couldn’t fill them in for yourself. Well, except maybe one.

  2. One of the three (?) episodes of Heroes really went nowhere. I’m really enjoying Peter’s storyline.

    And what is up with that carnival?!

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