Geek out your kid’s room… Or your own

Longing for some Star Wars bedding? Well, the stuff at Pottery Barn Kids is on sale, and I don’t think that Millennium Falcon quilt was around last time we featured it. In any case, it’s available in up to queen size. And did I mention the sale?

UPDATE: And now the sales (on the SW stuff) are gone. Poodoo.

3 Replies to “Geek out your kid’s room… Or your own”

  1. Yes. The quilt has been there from the beginning.

    I have both the quilt and the “…far, far away” pillow. They’re great quality.

    I wasn’t all that interested in the design of the sheets before, but if they get cheaper? Maybe….

  2. I have the “…far, far away” pillow, too, and it’s excellent.

    I’d love to buy either the blanket or the quilt, but at present I can’t quite swing it.

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