Gear up for Celebration 5, because it really is coming to Orlando in August

CV logoWell, it’s official: Celebration V will be in Orlando, Florida on August 12-15, 2010. Registration is set to go live Thursday, December 10th. Four-day passes start at $120, and we’re sure to get more details soon.

It’s hard for me to get excited about this (Florida in August, ugh) but will the location/timing keep you away? I think I’ll still probably go, but I’ve already seen several folks declare that they won’t.

ETA: Quote of the day, from our own @rosiewook:

The 4 Stages of Celebration Announcements: whining, denial, envy, purchase.

Back to news: Wizard has moved Chicago Comic Con back a week to avoid a conflict: Consider that a consolation prize for the midwest fans. (Cross your fingers for an Indianapolis CVI: Their expansion will be done by that point.) As for other major cons, GenCon (August 5-8) will certainly see a few less Jaders, but I doubt the usually stuffed-to-the-gills Dragon*Con (September 3-6) will suffer many ill effects. (Anything to help the elevator wait times.)

ETA 2: TFN talks to Steve Sansweet about the convention.

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  1. I live in Orlando, so I’m pretty excited. :D

    Yeah the weather sucks at that time, but I was pretty miserable during C3 – it was really wet and rainy. At least you’ll be inside the convention center most of the day, unlike Star Wars Weekends.

  2. It’s a big NO for me. I hated the 75 degrees in LA, and this would kill me. I’m a Seattle girl with asthma. Plus I have family I do NOT want to see in Central Florida. I was SO hoping for Chicago. A central location that many many flights pass through? Sounds way better. Sad now. :(

  3. I don’t know yet….I’d love to go, since this is the first Celebration I’ll be able to get to….but, Orlando? In August? REALLY!?

  4. some lame and disappointing! i’m in LA and i have family on the east coast and chicago so i was hoping for chi or baltimore but this is lame, orlando is the pitts

  5. I’m in! The heat/humidity will probably be miserable but I’ll deal. I was hoping for Chicago, but owell, them’s the breaks. My grandfather lives about an hour outside of Orlando and I’m excited about being able to work in a visit with him.

  6. The weather doesn’t scare me – the convention will be indoors for the most part. But the fact that they put it in about the furthest possible location from me will make travel plans difficult.

  7. YESSS!! I also live in Orlando and this is PERFECT! Loved SW all my life and now I finnally get to go to a celebration!!!

  8. I know it’s inside, but I still think it’s a less than ideal location — way down in the corner of the country, a long haul for West Coasters, terrible weather if you want to do anything before or after the con. Also, I have zero interest in the franchise right now — I don’t watch TCW or read the books. I’d go to see my friends, but previous experience tells me I’ll never see them because there’ll be no time.

  9. Well, this certainly makes me feel better about planning a trip to Vancouver next summer, because now I’ll have extra money for it.

    I love Star Wars, but I don’t love Florida. =[

  10. That TFN story is interesting… wouldn’t it be funny if Chicago dropped out of the running because it had a conflicting convention? One which just moved to a different date?

  11. I’d really like to go, cuz a good friend of mine lives in Florida. But that’s a cross-country flight for me, and I have no idea what my work and school situation is going to be like in August.

    (P.S. Hey Stooge, what’s up? See you at the bunker…)

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