Gate Geek: Give us another chance with SGU

Stargate Universe producer Brad Wright speaks with Show Patrol about Season 1.5 starting this Friday on SyFy.

He admits to a few mistakes, but also asks everyone to give them the chance to show what SGU can do.  Apparently we’ll be seeing a lot more of what “old time” fans loved about SG1 and SGA; including some aliens, some action and more focus on the women characters.

It would be nice to find more peace amongst the fans with a pulled-together show.  Although I’ll always think “Stargate University” when I see SGU.  (See Dragon*Con’s Stargate track for more on how my strange mind contributed to this year’s programming.)

2 Replies to “Gate Geek: Give us another chance with SGU”

  1. I just think of it as another story set in the construct of Stargate. It’s not what I think of as Stargate.

    Doing that, I’m perfectly content with SGU. I think the storylines are interesting. Great characters. I think 1.5 will be where they really get rolling.

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