Gate Geek – Fun, Stargatey things to do

Still waiting for the announcement of the women of Stargate Universe that was supposed to be out by now.

In the meantime, CJer Michelle let me know that MGM is continuing to engage fans in their prep of Stargate Atlantis Best-Of compilation for Blu-Ray with a “design the cover” contest.  They are also announcing the episodes that won. (Most of the ones I wanted…yays)  Annoying Flash design prevents us from linking directly, so go click around.

In other fun Stargate-related news, Amanda Tapping continues to show that she is one of the nicest people in show business by offering up some really cool auction items to benefit a Vancouver-area school.

And the charming Cliff Simon (Ba’al) talks with GateWorld about Stargate and his ongoing interest in helping people get their brains going.