G4 cancels Attack of the Show, internet shrugs

While I can’t I was ever much impressed with Attack of the Show after the horrific, embarrassing mess Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn made of the SDCC Star Wars Spectacular back in 2009, but the news that G4 is canceling the show has made some minor waves in geekdom. Gaming program X-Play is also getting the axe as G4 looks to move into “a more upscale, sophisticated guy TV space.” Uh-huh.

Between them, the two shows helped defined the G4 network as one of the few places on TV regularly highlighting ‘mainstream’ geekdom. However, as The Mary Sue’s Jill Pantozzi points out, that void is already being filled online by people like Felicia Day and Chris Hardwick. Perhaps we’re all better served that way.

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  1. It was merciful, I suppose. After AOTS got popular, they ruined X-Play by leeching the spin-off’s format, which I was never a fan of. Their new direction as a station will lead them away from geeks, hopefully. They’ve shown that at some point they came to think of us all as knuckle-dragging men who find sexual and liberal humor endlessly amusing. They filled their original programming, an occasional break from Cops and Cheaters, with that, accordingly. I just can’t and won’t understand why.

  2. I used to enjoy it, but it seemed like once the show took off in popularity, it became a T&A show and, quite frankly, obnoxious.

    I am not sad in the least.

  3. while i never really watched AOTS, this does hit me personally – my cousin worked on the show including the production of the SDCC segments, and i got to catch up with him every year when he came to town. now he’ll be out of a job. :(

  4. Pereira and Munn were goofy, unprofessional morons. I don’t mind people being silly with Star Wars, but there was nothing particularly amusing about them. I never watched AOTS so I’m not sure how much of that was business as usual, but most of fandom as I saw it (on Twitter, etc.) was pretty unimpressed.

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