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Dan Wallace looks at how other universes maintain continuity, prompting Master Ki-Aaron-Mundi to consider personal continuity. Continuity continuity continuity. Is your head spinning yet?

Point/Counterpoint: Jedi Learner on why he won’t be buying the unaltered editions; Rive Caedo on why he will buy the unaltered editions. Good points from both sides of the fence.

Padmeskywalker77 channels Carrie Bradshaw to explore Padme, Anakin, and the blinding nature of love.

Diviner525 reimagines some tunes.

Pablo Hidalgo is tired of the quip. Possible mild spoilers for X-Men: The Last Stand.

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  1. I really liked both the continuity post and the point/counter-point about the unaltered classic tril.

    I’ve become a Marvel fan in recent years (although all of the Spider-Man titles have gotten dull lately) and the sliding timeline thing is intruiging. It works on some levels, but the anal-retentive continuity slave in me struggles with it. I think DC’s various ways of dealing with continuity would make my head explode.

    That is the nice thing about SW. For all its continuity issues (why oh why was DE included in the same continuity as the novels???) it doesn’t have the real-world timeline issues Marvel and DC have. And to Wallace’s comment: “I have reluctantly abandoned my short story in which Wedge Antilles fights Reagan-snakes. ” ROTFL!

    About the unaltered classic tril. I’m kinda with Jedi Learner… to a point. I’ll get the unaltered ones ’cause I can’t imagine not having them. And I think they need to exist for film history sake. But other than Han shooting first, there’s really nothing about the SEs or the Super SEs that I don’t like, including inserting Hayden into the end of ROTJ. Yeah, I suppose that makes me a heretic and not a True Fan (TM), but then I’ve always diverged from popular fan opinion. I like ROTJ better than ESB, I loved TPM, and Ewoks didn’t really bug me all that much. (Although I still think they’re wonderful served with a nice pineapple salsa…) ;)

  2. The only SE (besides Han shooting first) where I have problems is ESB–it’s the one where it really felt like monkeying for monkeying’s sake, not because it actually improved things. In fact the escape from Bespin sequence is immeasurably hurt, from Vader’s clunky line replacement (WHY exactly did he need to say “Alert my star destroyer to prepare for my arrival” instead of “Bring my shuttle?” And no, it’s not valid to say they needed to use a different audio loop, because it’s not like James Earl Jones couldn’t rerecord a line) to the shuttle footage that is blatantly cribbed from the opening of Return of the Jedi. Heck, I get a good enough look to identify the actor playing Moff Jerjerrod and can even see him start his “Lord Vader, this is an unexpected pleasure….” line.

    But the real reason I’ll buy the classic tril is because that’s what I remember watching when I was little. I want to have a good copy of THOSE movies.

    Heh…I’ve given up trying to make sense of continuity. With X-Men, forget it, I won’t even try.

    And I want to hug Pabs for the stuff about the quip. Honestly, even “Serenity” was too much for me. Joss Whedon is very good at writing quips, but you know, after years of Buffy and Angel, enough already. Not EVERYONE is hysterically witty every instant. There’s another thing to miss about JMS and B5–there were witty, quippy, moments, but they were saved for effective moments. With X-Men…there are good moments (“You were expecting maybe yellow spandex?”) but I can see it getting really easy to go overboard.

    I’ll still see it, though. And not just because Wolverine and Cyclops are usually good eye candy.

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