3 Replies to “Forget it Jake. It’s Hollywood.”

  1. More backstabbing from Hollywood. Jackson’s hands crafted LOTR. He deserves to make the film.

    I’m eager to see what fans do, especially by following the example of the Firefly fans bringing back the series for a film and they are still trying to bring back the show. LOTR fans will do the same.

  2. I really don’t see it happening at all. At least not for 10+ years, by which time expectations will be so high that any Hobbit movie is sure to be a disappointment. (See also: Phantom Menace, The.)

    Honestly I’d rather see their Lovely Bones and Naomi Novak adaptions; I’m not much of a Tolkien fan, and even in that light I thought The Hobbit was a weaker work. In any case, it was a smaller, quieter tale. Which isn’t to say it couldn’t make a decent movie, but I can’t see it matching the trilogy.

  3. I say good for Peter and Fran for not caving in to Hollywood blackmail!

    I remain frightened, however, of New Line attempting The Hobbit without them, as there would be no way to duplicate the beautiful stylings of LOTR.

    And, either way, I couldn’t stand the thought of a second LOTR prequel. WTF?

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