Fate of the Jedi: Conviction cover is out

StarWars.com has our first look at the seventh Fate of the Jedi book, Aaron Allston’s Conviction. I guess Tahiri looks like Number 6 now.

On the boards, Sue Rostoni reports that the book has been moved back (from April 19) to a May 24th release.

6 Replies to “Fate of the Jedi: Conviction cover is out”

  1. I love that she has a prisoner number on her shoulder. Very nice cover. Looking forward to reading it!

  2. There’s something about the depiction of her scars that make me wince a little. Maybe like there’s something, I don’t know, growing on her forehead. Like a fungus or something.
    Other than that, that’s probably the most flattering picture of Tahiri I’ve seen.

  3. I don’t like these covers to much, the typography is ok but the images look they’ve been designed by someone who just discovered filters in photoshop…

    I much prefered the ones in the NJO. I liked they way they portrayed characters as older, unlike the Lando Vortex cover. But hey ho at least they’re bright and distinctive.

    @Amaranthine. The scars do look a bit weird… I always imagined them to be higher up on her forehead as well, but now I’m sounding picky!

  4. Can’t say that its much the way I imagined Tahiri growing up. Then again, this is a character whose primary descriptors are Blonde, Scarred, and Bare Footed, so what do any of us really know?

    I do continue to really like these covers though. This one is a bit less so, with the figure on the front being more photo-like, but they have a really great simple, pulp lit. feel to them that I think meshes really well with the general vibe of Star Wars.

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