Fate of the Jedi blurb from Millennium Falcon

So with only a week to go, it’s not too suprising that some folks have got a hold of Millennium Falcon early… And while I wouldn’t post actual MF spoilers (I’m sure you can find them yourselves,) the book does contain a new blurb for the upcoming Fate of the Jedi series, and NJOEers have transcribed it for the rest of us. It’s a bit more detailed than anything else we’ve seen so far, so read it under the cut.


It has been two years since the death of Darth Caedus. Chief of State Natasi Daala has ushered the Galactic Alliance into a time of unprecented calm, and now the entire galaxy stands poised to freely embrace the same enduring peace that Jacen Solo once sought to impose as a Sith Lord.

In this new era, Luke Skywalker finds himself battling for control of the very order he founded. After Jacen’s fall to the dark side, much of the galaxy sees Jedi Knights as rogue soldiers too dangerous and unstable to leave unfettered. It is a view shared by Chief Daala, who has sworn to bring the order under government control–or disband it entirely.

But the greatest threat to the Jedi remains unseen, a faceless menace even more lethal and insidious than the Sith who have plagued the Jedi for millennia. Awakened by Jacen Solo during his five-year odyssey, this hidden peril is reaching out from the darkest corner of the galaxy, assaulting Jedi Knights in ways that Luke has yet to perceive–but which he must quickly thwart if he is to have any hope of redeeming the New Jedi Order.

Don’t miss the further adventures of Luke Skywalker,Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo in the brand new epic series Star Wars:Fate of the Jedi beginning with Outcast by Aaron Allston in bookstores April 2009!


4 Replies to “Fate of the Jedi blurb from Millennium Falcon

  1. Wait…so Daala is chief of state?….I know I’ve missed a lot, but…wha?

    Ah well, I’m still in happy Bantam denial about Jacen being a Sith Lord…it’s all a bad dream…

  2. Yes, the psychotic former Admiral Daala who lashed out at the New Republic several times and yet failed due to her ineptitude was somehow APPOINTED to the position of Chief of State of the Gallactic Alliance. A position that had previously been filled by an ELECTION. I don’t get it either. It’s just obvious that Del Rey and LFL seem to think that we all want our SW stories to be filled with misery and death with little hope for a brighter future in the GFFA (see Legacy comics: Jedi virtually extinct AGAIN with the Sith and Empire ruling the galaxy AGAIN)

    I think I’m done with the EU, at least anything that takes place from NJO on. Unless they let Zahn write something new (I doubt it will happen).

  3. I have to agree with Dunc. First, you are taking this a little seriously. Second, if you want to get technical, the only Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance was Cal Omas, and he was elected as the Chief of State of the New Republic. The books don’t say specifically how a new Chief would be selected.
    If there was no turmoil and misery, they would stop writing the books.

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