Star Wars out this week: Finn’s Story

Coming out on Tuesday is Finn’s Story by Jesse J. Holland (a companion volume to Rey’s Story) that tells the tale of The Force Awakens from Finn’s perspective for younger readers. Wednesday brings The Force Awakens #4 from Marvel.

We have a few other things coming up later this month, so check out our book schedule.

Lupita Nyong’o hasn’t shot for Episode VIII yet


In an interview with Collider, Lupita Nyong’o said that she hadn’t yet shot for Episode VIII, which wrapped primary photography in the summer. “That’s in my future,” she said of working with VIII director Rian Johnson.

viii-rj-tumblr-040416wNyong’o was announced as part of the VIII cast when production began, and Johnson did share a picture of what appeared to be motion capture of her character, Maz Kanata – a test, perhaps? (Part of me wonders now if they swapped in Maz for another digital character who has yet to be revealed or finalized. Or maybe she’s just part of the standard demo?)

The most logical answer for when Nyong’o films for VIII would be the ubiquitous reshoots, which probably won’t happen until next year. In the meantime she has Queen of Katwe opening at the end of the month and Marvel’s Black Panther coming up for 2018.

The Force Awakens debuts on Starz, and how I finally joined the 21st century


The Force Awakens begins its run on the premium cable channel Starz today. While currently available On Demand and in the Starz app, it will air on the actual channel at 9:00pm tonight. (There may be live-tweeting!)

Also available are the extra features from the two Blu-ray releases – several behind-the-scenes documentaries and cut scenes.

To celebrate the release, Starz contacted me (along with several other fans, I believe) and sent me a Google Chromecast and access to their app. I do have Starz through my cable package, but I’ve never ventured much beyond that. (Yes, I am fitfully behind the times in my TV-watching technology – I didn’t even have a functioning flatscreen TV until late last year.) Setup on the Chromecast was simple – it requires a power outlet, a HDMI slot and an iOS or Android device to act as the remote. I set it up, grabbed Starz from the app store for my iPhone, and was streaming the special features to my TV last night in under twenty minutes. (You will need an existing Starz subscription, but once that’s set up, you can also watch directly on the app.)

This morning, I powered it back on and, boom – The Force Awakens itself. Next up – moving the Chromecast to a currently defunct flatscreen that’s been gathering dust in a cable-less part of the house…

Video: Jedi vs Sith Dance Off at Salt Lake Comic Con

As part of the pre-show entertainment before the Mark Hamill panel at Salt Lake Comic Con last Thursday, a dance crew came out to bring the Force into balance with a Jedi and Sith dance battle on the main stage at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. Did the Light Side prevail, or did the Dark Side get to boogie on home? Watch and find out!

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 35 and August prize drawing winners!

Since August is not known for its holidays, I turned the last week of August into the #WearStarWarsEveryDay events and holidays week, celebrating some fun fan events and some random holidays, none of which are in August! Plus we have some nice donations to report! Big thanks to Jennifer, Ian, Tim, and an anonymous donor for helping us raise over $80 in the past week, pushing us up to almost $2,600 raised for Collateral Repair Project.

Thanks to Trina for her donation of a St. Patrick’s Day Star Wars shirt! Also, thanks to everyone who has lent me apparel seen this week: Anastasia, Mark, Christian, Dartanian, James, and Paul! Remember, every day I wear a new and different Star Wars apparel item, my daily pledgemakers will chip in $4.65! This week, we’ve got a piece of a Rebels costume, a Christmas sweater, two shirts related to theme park Star Wars events and more! This review for Week 35 covers August 26 to September 1 of my wearathon, and an update on fundraising for Collateral Repair Project, a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance, education, and community support to urban refugees.

August prizes 2

And now to announce the winners of the August prize drawings:

  • The uncorrected advance copy of Star Wars: Ahsoka goes to Jennifer Q. And as a special bonus, this copy is signed by the author, E. K. Johnston, whom I met at Salt Lake Comic Con.
  • The Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 Crew shirt goes to Maliha S.
  • The copy of Star Wars: Aliens of the Galaxy by Jason Fry goes to Tim L.
  • The Rusty Droid bottle opener from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 goes to no one :(. To be eligible, all one had to do is both have liked the Wear Star Wars Every Day facebook page by the end of August and shared one of the August daily photos on their own FB page, and according to my notification tracking, no one did both. So I guess I’ll save the prize for a future prize drawing.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Wear Star Wars Every Day so far, both our one-time donors and our per-day pledge makers. If you’d like to chip in at a dime a day or a quarter per day (or more), make your pledge at the per-day pledge form and you can choose whether to support the project for the entire year, or just start at the beginning of September. Or you can just make a one-time or a recurring monthly donation at

Get more info on what Wear Star Wars Every Day is all about, or make a donation or a per-day pledge. While each day I continue my project, another $4.65 is donated by our pledge makers, but I’d love to get that total up to $5.00 even (or higher!) for the last quarter of 2016.

Star Wars out this week: New Year by Year, Poe Dameron #6

Out Tuesday is a new edition of Star Wars Year By Year. The original edition came out in 2010, but you can’t say the last 6 years haven’t been busy.

On Wednesday there’s Poe Dameron #6 and Star Wars Insider #168, plus hardcover reprints of the Attack of the Clones adaptation and Marvel’s own Star Wars series, with two different covers from John Cassaday and Stuart Immonen.