A look at the original trilogy storyboards

anh-storyboardWith the release of Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy less than a month away, Vulture has a look at some of the earliest visuals for A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

The book, edited by Lucasfilm’s J.W. Rinzler, will be available on May 13.

Disney’s Alan Horn: Second unit shooting for Episode VII is happening in Abu Dhabi, future films may return to May

At a press event this morning (at least Variety and Bloomberg were there) Disney’s Alan Horn dropped us a few bits of Episode VII news. He clarified his earlier remarks, confirming that second unit work has happened in Abu Dhabi, though principal photography has not yet started. (Note that we still don’t know if The National pics are actually a Star Wars set.)

Horn reiterated that the film’s budget could be as much as $200M, and that George Lucas is acting as a consultant. He also said that the franchise may revert back to May release dates for future films, depending on the scripts, and that he’s flying to London this week to go over the Episode VII script with J.J. Abrams.

An announcement on casting will be coming “very shortly,” though per usual, we’ll believe that when we see it.

Attack Pattern Clinique: Best #StarWars tweets for April 14-20

@museum_scifi: Fun fact: If you heckle Timothy Zahn during a convention, he sends Mara Jade after you. @AwesomeCon #moSCIfi pic.twitter.com/oj84xEPMAR

There were two three cons this weekend; WonderCon in Anaheim, AwesomeCon in D.C. and Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience in, you know. Salt Lake. You may remember we got some Rebels news at WonderCon. As for the rest? What minor Star Wars character’s name sounds like a sex position? Head below the cut to find out. (Or not.)

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May the 4th at the Disney Store

Okay, this is cute. I'm not made of stone.

Okay, this is cute. I’m not made of stone.

Yakface has details on May the 4th at the Disney Store, which is apparently why Disney brought bloggers out this week… They did get a nifty tour, though.

I’m not really seeing anything exciting in the new products, but that’s a) not my beat and b) there’s still a day left to the event. So hopefully there’s something more exciting waiting in the wings. (Or not, as the case may be. Oh well.)

Out this week: Legacy #14, third KOTOR omnibus

Legacy #14We’ve got two comics coming out Wednesday, or rather, one comic and one trade collection. Legacy #14 is the new issue, and the third Knights of the Old Republic omnibus is the trade. Remember, you’ll want to pick this omnibus up ASAP, as we have no idea how long it’ll remain in print once with Marvel taking over the comics license next year.

We have just under a month until our next upcoming book, Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy, on May 13.

Last week on the Club Jade Tumblr: Cars, places and parallels

sw-cars2Our themes last week were: Star Wars cars (including the 1977 Toyota Celica at right,) places, parallels between the original and prequel trilogies, plus some Clone Wars, and funnies. Today will bring a fresh batch of Matthew Stover starting at around noon, and from there? We’ll see!

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Disney hosting store event, Star Wars executive breakfast this week

Disney is hosting a Star Wars executive breakfast this coming Thursday, says Making Star Wars. In attendance will be George Lucas and “classic cast members.” Just another Thursday for Disney’s top brass? UPDATE: Lucasfilm denied this event to TFN, but Making Star Wars (and others) maintain it is indeed happening. We’ll see!

Also this week? A Star Wars event at the (a?) Disney Store on Monday and Tuesday in California, according to Jedi News. So something is clearly going on. Whether these are linked to something that will matter to most of us (an announcement?) is yet to be seen, but let’s hope so.