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Today in The Force Awakens: Topping the charts yet again

TFA blu-rayTo the surprise of no one, The Force Awakens is topping the home video charts, per 83% of sales were in the Blu-ray format, and it’s outselling the rest of the VideoScan chart at “nearly five to one.”

Entertainment Weekly looks at the ‘mystery’ of Constable Zuvio. (Spoiler: He was always a background character.)

→ J.J. Abrams told Collider that more deleted scenes from the film will eventually be available online.

→ At, Catrina Dennis takes a look at Leia’s unique relationship with the Force.

→ Harrison Ford raised $191,000 for epilepsy research auctioning off Han Solo’s leather jacket from The Force Awakens.

Daisy Ridley on Rogue One, Rey’s parentage, and Episode VIII


Talking to MTV Saturday, Daisy Ridley addressed those ‘Jyn is Rey’s mom’ theories and confirms she does know Rey’s real parentage – but says that she really doesn’t think it’s that big a deal. She also plays coy on if Rey is (becoming?) a Jedi, though, so… Business as usual.

P.S. Pablo has also flat-out denied the Rey = Jyn thing.

Episode VIII shenanigans: Mark and Daisy do the Yoda thing

Ostensibly to celebrate Daisy Ridley’s birthday (she’s 24 today) Mark Hamill shared the picture below, bringing a thousand tongue-in-cheek fan arts to life. Oh, Mark.


In other Daisy news, she won Breakthrough Performance at the MTV Movie Awards last night. The movie also took Best Villain for Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Movie of the Year. The awards air tonight on MTV.

Today in The Force Awakens: Costume concepts, books and more

tfa-concept-poehelmetOver at IGN, an interview with costume designer Michael Kaplan, and how the looks evolved for characters both old and new.

→ Our own James interviews Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens author Landry Q. Walker at, while comic writer Charles Soule talks to about Poe Dameron #1. Soule also did a guest post for

→ We all heard about Force for Daniel, but Lucasfilm and J.J. Abrams showed the movie to dozens of terminally ill fans.

Vulture takes a look at who’ll buy physical copies of The Force Awakens. I’m guessing… A lot of people? They also look back at the box office.

→ A look at how Rey’s isolation is framed in the film.

→ also presents their list of the ten best The Force Awakens moments.

Luke Skywalker is 2016’s This Is Madness champion


Apparently all it takes is some intense staring in a $2B movie to go from zero to hero in This is Madness, the character tournament.

After disappointing showings in previous years, Luke Skywalker not only made it to the finals, but won the whole thing, defeating previous champions Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi along the way. Newbies Rey and Kylo Ren also made quite a showing, facing off against Luke and Vader in the final four matchups.

Abrams tells the ‘truth’ behind Kylo Ren’s helmet stand

tfa-kylo-ashesIn a striking blow to absurdity, J.J. Abrams tells Entertainment Weekly that the dusty substance Kylo Ren places his helmet on in The Force Awakens isn’t Millicent the cat’s litter box, but some emo ‘ashes of his enemies’ bullshit. Fandom is disappointed in you, Abrams. Millicent is disappointed in you.

Next up: Kylo’s dark side secret for avoiding helmet hair? We can but hope.