Fanboys spreading to 11 more cities!

Fans in Minneapolis, Baltimore, Miami, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Providence, Greensboro, Memphis and Cleveland will be getting the movie on February 27. That brings the total to 24 cities.

I saw it on Sunday (what Academy Awards?) and I gotta admit it was cute. Not perfect, but enjoyable enough that I didn’t mind having to drive an hour. Some of the Trek parts were a bit too over-the-top and epically embarassment squicky, though. That said, I went to see it with an actual fanboy and he loved it.

2 Replies to “Fanboys spreading to 11 more cities!”

  1. It’s a really fun film! I think the parts that get tedious are more young guy kinds of humor. But overall, it’s worth the effort of going to see it; especially with other Star Wars geeks.

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