Fanboys resistance puts Weinsteins on notice

Word spreads on the Fanboys edit controversy, as the Weinsteins pledge to release both edits on DVD. A hefty two pages on the issue went up on Hollywood Reporter Monday, and now blogs all over are picking it up, including The Beat and EW’s Popwatch.

Meanwhile, the Stop Darth Weinstein folks are holding protests this Saturday in New York and Los Angeles.

2 Replies to “Fanboys resistance puts Weinsteins on notice”

  1. I’m not all that interested in Fanboys, but the Weinsteins are responsible for “Awake,” perhaps one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. I couldn’t get past the first fifteen minutes for bad acting and vapid film techniques. The Weinsteins should, much like Michael bay, be forbidden from films. Please, won’t someone think of the film industry’s dignity? (If it has any left.)

    Though I’m still not all that interested in Fanboys, the fact that they have to reduce geek culture to stereotypes and opportunities for ridicule really pisses me off. Where’s View Askew when you need them?

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