Fanboys coming to more cities February 20th!

Looks like the initial Fanboys ticket sales did well enough that it’s coming to 10 more cities: Boston, Washington D.C., Detroit, Atlanta, Denver, New Haven, Orlando, Phoenix, Columbus, and Raleigh. I guess I’ll have to make a new poll for that weekend… (via)

In any case, looks like Paula and I have lucked out in this round… How about you?

8 Replies to “Fanboys coming to more cities February 20th!”

  1. St. Louis, although a major city and larger than more than a few more recognized cities, always finishes last in this regard. :(

    Not that I want to see Fanboys, anyhow. XD

  2. I suspect they’re going for as wide a spread as possible. I’m kinda surprised even Detroit (instead of, say, Indianapolis or St. Louis) made it. Though I bet it’s actually going to be playing in Ann Arbor… The inclusion of Boston and New Haven makes me wonder if they’re deliberately targeting college towns.

  3. Hooray! Atlanta finally scores one. :)

    I suspect the cities are based on the availability of film houses with openings in their schedule. Atlanta seems to have a lot of those.

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