Everyone’s black and blue in tonight’s Clone Wars

The Clone Wars: Jedi Crash

What can you expect from tonight’s ‘Jedi Crash?’ Well, it co-stars famed comic export Aayla Secura. (She’s… French?) And some injury bonding for Anakin and Ahsoka. Check out the latest webcomic, ‘Headgames,’ for a quick preview.

3 Replies to “Everyone’s black and blue in tonight’s Clone Wars

  1. Yep, just seen it on Sky Movies here in the UK and thought apart from being a great fast-paced story (nice one Katie – can I have an interview?) that the visuals were GORGEOUS and very well judged.
    As for the accent, there are English and American accents, in Jedi Crash the furry fellas were clearly Irish, so I guess it’s fair enough to utilise any accent from around the worl.

  2. The use of the different accents doesn’t bother me (if it did, I’d probably be in soooo the wrong fandom) but the French thing kinda threw me for a loop. It just seemed so random.

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