EUbits, arty scoundrel edition: Han, Chewie, Lando and Cade

Visions. So I haven’t been unimpressed with the peeks we’ve had of this ‘mystery’ book so far, but I wasn’t really blown away until Raymond Swanland’s ‘Shadows of Tatooine’ appeared today. It may not be ‘The Death of General Wolfe’ pastiche I so greatly desire, but: WANT.

Fate of the Jedi. Why hello there! Get your first look at Lando on the back cover of Allies.

Comics: io9 has the preview for Legacy #46.

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  1. I’m still not exactly sure what this Visions thingy is supposed to be, but so far I absolutely adore the art. And I certainly hope they’ll also release a couple of high quality prints, because those would go straight on my walls. :-)

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