EUbits: The Old Republic gets in the Annihilation mood

The Old Republic. The cover of Annihilation has been revealed on the game’s official site, along with a brief Q&A with author Drew Karpyshyn.

Meanwhile, Bioware has laid off some of the Austin staff responsible for the game. They’re not giving numbers, but this seems to be a fairly standard thing in the gaming industry.

Essential something-or-other. Del Rey posted three new sketches for The Essential Reader’s Companion: Luke Skywalker fighting Teneniel Djo in a scene from Courtship of Princess Leia, Thrawn in Fett gear from the Timothy Zahn/Mike Stackpole short story ‘Side Trip,’ and something from The Old Republic: Deceived. There’s also a “behind the scenes tidbit” regarding Scourge.

Interview. John Ostrander talks Dawn of the Jedi with Yahoo.

Endnotes. Jason Fry has even more for The Essential Guide to Warfare.

Namesake corner. Tosche Station has extended the deadline for their Mara Jade outfit contest to be more in accord with con season.

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  1. i hope the Annihilation story with Theron Shan and Teff’ith is better than the TOR comic that introduced them. Drew K. is pretty consistent in his style, so hopefully he’ll kick their story up to be more interesting.

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