EUbits: Can Del Rey take a hint from Legend of Korra?

The blogside. We’re still seeing bits of fallout from last week’s highly impassioned discussion on gender and the EU. This week, Brian at Tosche Station takes a look at the success of Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra and what Star Wars could learn from it.

Another thing that might be worth checking out, for anyone out there who was a little confused by all the fuss, is John Scalzi’s recent post Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is. He also wrote a follow-up piece today, addressing some of the common questions and concerns.

Meanwhile… Drew Karpyshyn shares some details on The Old Republic: Annihilation, including IDing the book’s protagonist.

Reference. Yes, there are still more endnotes to The Essential Guide to Warfare. How many of these are there going to be?

Nonfiction. Master Optician at Knights Archive found a listing for the book Star Wars and History by Nancy Reagin and Janice Liedl. It follows similar books by Reagin on Twilight and Harry Potter. Random House’s own Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars, by Camille Paglia, has gained a cover and a blurb which reveals that Paglia calls George Lucas “the world’s greatest living artist.”

Reviews. James takes a look at Knights of the Old Republic: War #5 and the Star Wars/Serenity Free Comic Book Day book.

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