EU character portraits from The Essential Atlas

EU portraits scanned by MizzieeOH

Still no detailed reports from the Fate of the Jedi panel (Anyone? Bueller?) but here’s something new out of San Diego Comic-Con: Character portraits scanned from The Esstential Atlas! MizzeeOH was one of the lucky few to nab an early copy of the book at the con, and she’s been scanning and sharing over at NJOE. Above, Ben Skywalker, Jaina Solo and Corran Horn. (And yes, that is a perfectly acceptable shade of red hair on Ben. Right, Kelly?)

11 Replies to “EU character portraits from The Essential Atlas

  1. Looks like I’ll definitely be buying this. (Still crossing my fingers for a Zekk portrait. And Jag, too, since we haven’t seen any official images of him in a long, long time.)

  2. Most of these look great. Mara’s face looks a little pinched in her picture though. Not like most of the cover art we’ve seen.

  3. These look pretty good.
    Cade is still ridiculous looking, someone needs to cut his hair and redo his eyebrows.
    I really like that Caedus picture, especially contrasted with the Jacen picture.
    I’ll never be able to get a good impression of what Corran looks like, I still think he’s blond with a beard because of I, Jedi.
    Does anyone else think it’s a little creepy that Niathal has boobs?
    Ganner looks like a cross between Guy Pierce and Dane Cook.
    Mara still isn’t aging ( I guess that’s a good thing, but come on).
    And Tenel Ka is looking glorious!

  4. Wow. These look soooo awesome! Ben is as cute as in my gay fanboy imaginations. Ditto on the wanting of images of Jag as well, even the ones of him before were lacking.

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