Entertainment Weekly’s favorite season finales

IMAGE: The Gift

To celebrate (!?) the ending of this very eventful TV season, EW counts down 20 of their favorite season finales. Plenty of genre shows make the cut, including Star Trek: TNG, Farscape, Alias, The X-Files and Buffy (above.)

Did your favorite make the list? (IMO: Both Alias and The X-Files had better finales than the ones they chose.)

3 Replies to “Entertainment Weekly’s favorite season finales”

  1. The season one finale of BSG was better (more shocking anyways) than the season two finale… Go fig.

  2. I don’t know. I think Lost has had better season finales than #4. I remember all the intensity and anxiety around The Hatch and how it really hasn’t been that intriguing since. It’s been good, just not like that.

    And I’m a bit flummoxed why the series finale of Newhart wasn’t on there. To me that was the best show ender of all time. But I guess they were looking for cliff hangers.

  3. Series finales are a whole different bag, I think…

    Though I know a guy who somehow missed that Buffy was moving to UPN, and thought The Gift was the last episode of the series. That was a boggler… As I recall, UPN even bought billboards for that one.

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