Eckstein hints at going beyond tops with Her Universe

Her Universe Tardis dressIn a new interview with, Ashley Eckstein says that Her Universe hopes to expand beyond t-shirts. She namechecks “dresses, leggings, skirts, cardigans.” They already have one dress – the TARDIS, which remains a Hot Topic exclusive – but the idea of cardigans is getting a lot of love online.

And let’s not forget the Rogue Squadron sketch, which could (maybe) become a dress…

For the more immediate future, Ashley mentions Her Universe branded items:

I am very excited because we are currently designing my first Her Universe branded collection. Up until this point we’ve only focused on licensed designs, but girls have been asking for Her Universe branded items as well. These designs will be very graphic and inspirational. We tell girls to “Dream Your World. Be Your World. Flaunt Your World.” and I want our branded designs to represent that whimsy, inspiration and power.

What would you like to see Her Universe tackle beyond the types of tops, pajamas, jewelry and tote bags that they’ve already produced?

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  1. I would like to see a t-shirt with a Rogue Squadron emblem on it, not just the words. Ditto for the Wraiths. And adult sizes on the “Daddy’s Little Girl” t-shirt.

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