Duke and Tara wipe out the competition

In the latest issue of Bantha Tracks, Union is topping the comic Top Ten list, with Tales of the Jedi trailing behind. Not being Dark Horse’s biggest fan (Tales! Tales! Damn my non-voting self!) I blame our very own Paula, who got quoted. Or maybe not. ;)

Not that Union is the worst thing DH has ever done or anything, but… well. Maybe it’s just my knee-jerk reaction to the series’ awful, awful covers. You can pander to the females without making it look like a romance novel folks – it’s okay.

That and more smushy stuff in the latest edition of Bantha Tracks.

5 Replies to “Duke and Tara wipe out the competition”

  1. I would have voted for Tales, except I didn’t think they counted as a one-time comic. So there was a bit of confusion, as Mary acknowledged.

    But I did think Union was a nice change from the usual comic line. So I voted for that one!

  2. True, it was different, at least, and DH needs the variety, since they rarely step off the fanboy wave. Kinda has me wanting to see the sales figures for SW comics. ;)

  3. Caeli: Luckily when those came out I was getting my comics at one of those places where they were just amazed to see girls in the store regularly. That kinda took the sting off it, though I was still embarassed. My comic store nowadays is much more progressive and just makes me feel guilty for not buying indie books.

    If you like Longmore, check out Smart Bitches, Trashy novels. They do regular cover snark and it’s awesome: http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/

  4. Talking of embarassment, my friend used to make me go buy her Star Trek Voyager novels for her. Wuss.

    Ta for the link!

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