Drive-by movie news: Wolverine, Star Trek, Kyle Newman and more

Wolverine rules the box office. Naked Hugh Jackman and friends brought in a whooping $160M worldwide this weekend. Also interesting? 47% of the U.S. audience was female. (Hey, look: It had issues, but it was better than X3. Plus, naked Jackman.) Looks like there may be a sequel in the offing after all.

Next week’s shiny. Wolvie faces his first real competition with the release of the new Star Trek on Friday. Anticipation is high, and the reviews are almost ridiculously positive – 100% on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment. And if you must know, Geoff Boucher has the skinny on the film’s homage to ESB.

And on that note… Stephen King’s Dark Tower series may be next for J.J. Abrams.

Let’s not forget Fanboys. With the DVD out in a few weeks, Lightsabre talks to director Kyle Newman.

Only because I am obliged to post it. Pretty much nothing going on with Indy 5.

Your final comic book tidbit. The first picture from Iron Man 2.

7 Replies to “Drive-by movie news: Wolverine, Star Trek, Kyle Newman and more”

  1. I’d take the Rotten Tomatoes early score with a grain of salt. Mmmm… tomatoes and salt…

    Generally, movie review embargoes are only broken (i.e. posted in advance) with permission from the studio, and they’ll only give permission for a rave. Still, I’m hoping the movie is terrific!

  2. Am I the only one not really interested in the Wolverine movie? Next to Cyclops and Jean Gray, he’s pretty much my least favorite X-Man.

  3. It’s not Wolverine. It’s HUGH JACKMAN as Wolverine.

    …I don’t know. I don’t give a fig about the comic Wolverine (I don’t even have a favorite X-Person) but I was obliged to see this. Because Hugh Jackman. ::shrug::

  4. Because Hugh Jackman is hot, smart, has a sassy accent, can sing and dance and would make an excellent Karrde. :) He’s Han Solo with the best parts of Luke Skywalker with the style of Lando.

    I’m waiting for a Jason Statham and Hugh Jackman pairing. I’m sure there’s a slashfic at least out there somewhere…

  5. Oh, god, J.J. Abrams got his grubby mitts on The Dark Tower? Please, please, please let this never happen. The man has zero subtlety, and even less story-telling ability.

  6. some parts of this movie were okay (like anything with Liev Schreiber or Ryan Reynolds)… but almost everything else was oozing with cheese

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