Dr. Phil disses Star Wars widow

It’s a problem many mixed marriages have to deal with: how does a mundane deal with the geek’s fascination with all things Star Wars?

Well, the issue was raised to national prominence when the wife took her issue to Dr. Phil. The celeb-doc chastised our intrepid fan on the air, but then leaned over after the taping to show a bit of sympathy towards him.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, my fellow geeks. If you have a mundane as a spouse, now is the time to start thinking of something non-fandom to give them!

5 Replies to “Dr. Phil disses Star Wars widow”

  1. If he was a SW fan since he was four, why is she so surprised by his continuing fannishness? Some husbands spend all their time watching football games, others spend all their time painting SW figures. If you can’t handle marriage to a fan, don’t marry one. With a colelction like his, I doubt he sprung it on her. XD

  2. I’ll agree with you Jax… seriously… she either needed to get to know her husband more BEFORE she married him, or she needed to drop the “I can change him later” attitude. I was also upset with the parts I did see on Dr. Phil (granted, I did not see the whole episode) but from what I did see, Dr. Phil mocked this young man in front of his whole listening audience… and then OFF AIR he became a hypocrite telling him his armor rocked. REDICULOUS! That was just cruel. And as for this guys obsession, I would rather have a husband obsessed with Star Wars than strip clubs, hookers and other women!!!!

  3. I agree with Jax and Chick. You know, Padmé had that “I can change him!” attitude, and we saw how that turned out for her…

  4. Chick2Geek, you are SO right. My wife is an angel for putting up with my geekdom, but you do realise that one day some bright spark will open a Jabba’s Court themed Star Wars strip club. Then we’re ALL going to Mustafar in a handbasket…

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