Do you remember the first Celebration?

celebration110 years ago this week, the first official Star Wars convention was held in Denver as a prelude to The Phantom Menace. is devoting the week to coverage, and I found a small set of pictures from Paxton Holley on Flickr.

I believe a grand total of 3 CJers attended: I was not among them. (Hell, I barely remember seeing the actual movie.) I do recall the predominant tone of the internet reports were lines and mud – not really all that different from the later events. (Minus the mud.) And that there was some sort of Jar Jar dance party. (?)

Did you go? Do you remember? Someone has to.

3 Replies to “Do you remember the first Celebration?”

  1. I went! I am still looking for the tshirt that indicates I am a survivor.

    It wasn’t much to look at, but I really enjoyed my first chance to be among so many fans.

    And I remember me, Liz and Beth completely in spasm over Ray Park’s demo. And also beginning our lust of Ewan McGregor

    I really need to dig out my scrapbooks and scan some stuff in.

  2. I didn’t go, but I’ll never EVER forget walking into my local comic store and seeing that picture of Liz hanging up and the regular guys about falling over themselves when I said I knew her!!!

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