Details on Young Indy DVD set, Volume 2; Crystal Skull LEGO Clues?

Barely taking a breath from the release of the first volume, has started their coverage of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Volume 2, which will be released on December 18, 2007. Volume 2: The War Years will have nine discs with 8 episodes and 25 documentaries. The ninth disc has the interactive timeline and more features. Read about the highlights of the set here and get the brief synopsis of each disc.

The in-depth tour of each disc begins with:

  • Disc 1: Trenches of Hell – Indy, now in the Belgian Army, ends up in command of his unit, which is then sent to the Somme, and Indy and Remy witness the horrors of trench warfare. Indy ends up captured, and eventually escapes a German prison at Dusterstadt with his fellow prisoner Charles de Gaulle. Documentaries cover the Battle of the Somme, poets Sigfried Sassoon & Robert Graves, and French leader (and future airport) Charles de Gaulle.

    and on the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” front: will the upcoming LEGO sets give a clue to the movie’s plot?