David Prowse treated for cancer, but feeling fine

The actor behind the original trilogy’s Darth Vader revealed he’s been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer today on British Radio.

Hoping to raise money for London’s Royal Marsden Hospital, the actor, 73, told the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show: “I’m involved with the Royal Marsden Hospital appeal because I’m undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, would you believe. I’m having my very last treatment this morning.

“I’ve had two months’ radiotherapy treatment at the Royal Marsden. It’s the most fantastic hospital you could ever wish to go to.”

He went on to say he now feels “fantastic”. Our best wishes go out to Mr. Prowse for a continued recovery!

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    Prostate cancer actually affects more men than breast cancer does women. If anyone’s in the Boston area and wants to support a great cause, come to AdMeTech’s Dance for the Cure on April 4th–I’ve done two events so far with our studio in support of this group and when you start reading the statsitics, it’s scary how many men get this cancer and how limited detection and treatment options are right now.

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